Israel To World: F–K You!

The evidence is overwhelming that the Israel government has decided its foreign policy will be based on a single premise: F–k Gentiles and Muslims–we Jews do whatever we believe is in our self interests! The people of Israel has drawn within themselves and now regard the entire world as hostile to its existence. A scheduled visit by Russian President Medvedev was cancelled after his government recognized the existence of a Palestinian state. Several Latin American nations have also extended recognition and there is evidence members of the European Union will shortly follow suit. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, the Sarah Palin of Israel, constantly boasted since he came from Russia he enjoyed a “special relation” with that country. What say you now, Avigdor? The people of Israel have an Appointment in Samarra. The legend tells of a servant who saw Death in the marketplace and told his employer to flee. The employer fled to the city of Samarra. Later the servant confronted Death and complained how he has frightened his master. Death responded that he was passing through since he had an appointment in Samarra.

Israel was born as a dream of Jews in the world to create a modern national state which would not only provide a refuge for Jews, but also serve as a model of democracy in the Middle East. Instead of that dream, Israelis prefer heading for Samarra.

  • journeyer58

    America has much the same foreign policy. Our idea of foreign policy is the hegemony of American rule over the whole world. We can ill afford the budgetary concerns we have now, our ‘defense’ budget is more than the next 4 major nations of the world combined. Yet the Congressional-Military-Industrial complex has seen fit yet again to increase the military budget to the exclusion of all social and health programs. How does the Congress justify their continued expansion of the military budget? We are fighting the ‘war on terror!’ What war on terror? This is nothing more than a smoke screen for the imperialistic, hegemonistic goals of a small number of corporations that are invested in the arms and military realm. Our county can ill afford any more of this corporate welfare and should stop the madness of funding an excessive and immoral corporate state.