Israel To World — You Are All Against Us!

God only required Ten Commandments for humanity, Abraham Lincoln wrote a one paragraph Gettysburg Address, but the Israel government is pouring out documents, videos, articles, and testimonies that defend attacking civilians and killing at least ten. Not an Israeli official has uttered a word of apology for the simple reason, the Israeli government KNOWS it is on God’s side, so how could they make a mistake? There is something pathetic and sad when a people who have endured so much hate and bigotry in their history decide to inflict similar punishment upon innocent humans. At last report, following are the common explanations being offered to the world to justify a commando raid on a civilian ship.

1. The “so-called human activists” are really people who wish to use the Gaza situation in order to get across their agenda. And, that agenda is nothing other than seeking to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth.
Response: The human rights activists were working in cooperation with the Turkish government, the only Middle Eastern government that has recognized an cooperated with Israel for half a century.
2. The ships were a deliberate act of provocation designed to cast Israel in a bad light.
Response: If you knew the group was attempting to provoke a violent response, why did you do what they wanted? It appears as though israel is on the side of those who seek to provoke Israel.
3. Hamas seeks to destroy Israel and has fired thousands of rockets into Israel. How can one work with such a group of people?
Response: Rocket fire ceased over a year ago. Hamas has been cracking down on any group which fires a rocket.
4. The ships were going to bring weapons and materials fro war.
Response: Israel’s inspection of the cargoes did not find any weapons other than some toys. As stated by organizers, the cargoes contained medicine, foods, hospital equipment.
5. The fired first so our soldiers had to defend themselves.
Response: Let me get this clear. Out of nowhere soldiers carrying weapons suddenly appear and for some strange reason, some passenger panic and think they are going to be killed. So, they grab anything at hand to defend themselves. I would hope, given the reputation of the IDF, that it can handle a mob without killing anyone.
6. The world hates Jews and seek any incident to express their hatred.
Response: If on believes “the world” hates Jews, why give them a wonderful incident to use against Israel?
7. The world is filled with anti-semites and they expect Israel to adhere to standards no other nation could match.
Response: There is some validity to this argument, so why play into their expectations?

The bottom line is that Israel is now governed by a modern version of the Three Stooges.