Israel Trying To Influence US Policy Towards Iran

Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned the United States to have a short time interval in its negotiations with Iran and not wait until Iran has developed its nuclear program. “There is a serious Iranian effort to make swift achievements, and time is running out.” He urged Obama to tighten sanctions and force Iran to the bargaining table. Barack also emphasized that his nation is not taking “any options off the table” and hinted there was a possibility of an Israel air attack. “We mean what we say” was his refrain.

The last people to offer suggestions concerning policy towards Iran are members of the Israel government which has repeatedly blundered due to its policy of “toughness” and “threats” and “warnings.” What exactly are the fruits of the current government of which Barak is a member? Has the process toward peace moved forward or is Israel worse off today than it was in 2001 when their beloved George Bush became president?

President Obama should proceed quietly, cautiously and with due regard for the integrity of the Iranian people. Shouting threats will only doom any chance for peaceful negotiations.