Israel Urged By Turkey To Back Syrian Attendance At Annapolis

The Turkish government is presently hosting a meeting with Israel President Peres and Palestinian President Abbas in hope of fostering peaceful relations. President Gul urged Israel to support the presence of Syria at the upcoming Annapolis conference but the Israeli leader was hesitant since he charged Syria is hostile to peace. Gul also emphasized the importance that “tangible and cocnrete results” will emerge from the conference. He also supported the desire of Abbas that all meaningful issues related to the Middle East should be open for discussion at the conference. Peres responded: “I believe we can make peace with Palestine, it takes time to make peace.”

Perhaps, the United States might learn the importance of allowing regional powers such as Turkey to assume leadership in moving the Middle East forward toward peace. Gul is right that all issues must be discussed, that Syria should be invited, and that the end result has to be more than talk. Peres is right that peace takes time, but it is also important for immediate steps in order to build some momentum to further the progress. After all these years of talk and promises, the region is anxiously seeking concrete results today, not in some unknown future.