Israel Urged -Seize The Initiative On War Crimes Charges!

Irwin Cotler, Canada’s former Justice Minister, urged Israel to cease complaining about the Goldstone report and establish an independent commission of inquiry into events that occurred during last year’s Gaza invasion. ‘Israel,” he said, “could move from being the defendant to framing the international legal narrative” and noted no nation had ever taken the initiative to conduct its own investigation into allegations of war crimes on its part. His comments echo those of Robert Goldstone who wanted both Israel and Palestinian leaders to initiate their own investigations. Unfortunately, Israel invariably assumes the posture of “the victim” and blames those who make accusation as the real criminals

Legal experts have told the Israel government it could avoid the threat of international criminal prosecution if it held its own investigation. Israel’s constant defensiveness has proven to be the source of most of its growing isolation on the world stage. Even Turkey, its main friend in the Middle East has moved away from Israel due to the Gaza invasion, but the Israel response is to blame Turkey.

I wonder, has Israel ever made a mistake or is every charge simply another example of anti-semitism?