Israel Urges Russian Restraint On Arms To Arabs

There are still Israel and American Jewish leaders who believe the presidency of George Bush has helped Israel in its conflicts with Arab nations. However, last night, Prime Minister Olmert of Israel was on the phone to President Medvedev urging Russia not to increase sale of arms to Arab nations. Up to this point, the Russians have respected Israel pleas, but in the aftermath of the disastrous Bush encourage invasion of South Ossetia, the deck is now stacked in favor of more arms to Arab nations and groups. Syrian President Bashar Assad will be arriving in Moscow today to make certain Russian leaders know that Israel arms were supplied to the Georgian government. Assad wants more military and technical assistance from Russia which currently is furious at Israel for supplying military vehicles and explosives to Georgian military forces. “I think that in Russia and in the world everyone is now aware of Israel’s role and its military consultants in the Georgian crisis.”

The Omert argument to Medvedev is that any arms supplied to Georgia were done by private Israel companies and not by the government. Sorry, Prime Minister Olmert, that is not an argument that will sell anything in Moscow these days.

Israel has tied itself to the flag of George Bush and now it must pay the penalty for working with a warmonger who enjoys creating chaos where none existed.