Israel Urges Venezuela Ruler To Tone Down Anti-Semitism

Hugo Chavez, the populist leader who drapes himself in the mantle of “socialism” advocates very un-socialist ideas by fostering the growth of anti-semitism in his nation. The Israel Foreign Ministry has sought the assistance of other nations which have close ties with Venezuela to urge Chavez that anti-semitism is the wrong tactic which might win a headline in a Muslim nation, but violates the principles he claims to advocate. There is scant doubt Chavez is courting Arab nations and what better way than to allow thugs to attack Jews in Venezuela. Two weeks ago a bomb was thrown at the Jewish Community Center in Caracas and several Jews have been assaulted.

When in doubt raising the banner of anti-semitism is the easiest way to come across to the ignorant as a fighter for their rights. Blame your problems on Jews is certainly the ever present weapon of the demagogue. When it comes to being a demagogue, there are few who can compare to Hugo Chavez.