Israel-US Ties At Record Low Says Ambassador

Michael Oren, Israel’s ambassador to the United States told the media his nation’s relations with America had dramatically declined due to the decision of building 1,600 housing units in E. Jerusalem. “Israel’s ties with the United States are in their worse crisis since 1975″ and it has now become “a crisis of historic proportions.” Of course, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes the entire problem stems from a “bureaucratic mistake.” Two forces are in operation, one from the Obama administration which seeks to unite Arab nations in a coalition to thwart Iran and Israel leaders who inhabit their own fantasy world in which their nation can do as it please and the hell with the Arabs. Prime Minister Netanyahu is pushing President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton into a corner, and the result may wind up with America pushing back in a fashion unheard of by Israel’s leaders.

This is not 1967 when Israel could wipe out Arab forces with some dramatic air attacks. The United States will lose support from Arab nations and Israel will unleash a second Jihad that will result in countless deaths. Why? Because Benjamin Netanyahu has sold out his nation in order to get votes of religious fanatics.