Israel Violates Jewish Values

During the past two thousand years to be Jewish in many countries of Europe or the Middle East meant one was not able to enjoy rights of citizens of the society . To be a Jew who possessed a social conscience meant fighting for the right of all who dwell in society to enjoy equal rights. Once upon a time, Jews in Israel held  such high moral beliefs. Alas, this is today, the era of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his band of bigots.

In an unprecedented move, the Israel Interior Ministry announced a decision to deport a four year old girl,daughter of a foreign worker, even though she was born in Israel. The notorious four year old girl terrorist was arrested with her mother and is currently in a holding facility. The girl has been attending kindergarten. The government argues the girl had to be five years old and enrolled in a kindergarten program in order to avoid being deported.

Shame on the Israel government. Shame on Israelis who currently fill the streets of their nation demanding better housing. A Jew fights for social justice–for ALL people.