Israel Voice Of Reason

The people of Israel have a president who is calm, concerned about the interests of his nation and genuinely seeks to work with Palestinians to secure peace between all parties in the current conflict. President Shimon Peres spoke of his trust in President Abbas who went to the UN to secure observer nation status. “I tried to influence him not to do it right now. I told him it’s not the proper time to do it. But I still believe he is a serious partner and a serious man and I have respect for him.” He went on to praise the “courage”of Abbas for seeking the UN status.

Peres was clear that Abbas has also shown courage because he has openly spoken against terrorism and urged peace with Israel. “But, he felt abandoned by us, by America, by Europe and by the rest of the world and he wanted to do something.”

Peres urged the Middle East Quartet to return and work with Israel and Palestine for peace. It would help this to occur if Prime Minister Netanyahu issued a freeze on settlement construction.