Israel Wants Syria To Cut Ties With Terrorism

President Shimon Peres bluntly told the Syrian government it could not have peace with Israel and the return of the Golan Heights so long as it continues being friends with Iran and funding terrorist groups like Hizbullah and Hamas. Peres said his nation could not tolerate an Iranian presence on its border, particularly one in which terrorist groups are being supplied with arms that will be used against Israel forces. As of this point, Syria has yet to give any indication it is willing to pay the price of the return of the Golan Heights in exchange for cutting ties with terrorists. British Foreign Secretary Dvi Miliband urged Syria to engage in dialogue with Israel and to re-evaluate its connections to Iran and Hizbullah and Hamas.

Perhaps, this situation could best be handled by having a Middle East summit at which all parties, terrorist or not, come together to work out a compromise. Turkey is the logical mediator in such a conference.