Israel Will Not Sign Non-Proliferation Treaty

Under leadership of President Obama numerous nations gathered in Washington D.C. to discuss ways of reducing the threat of nuclear proliferation. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused to attend on grounds that if he did, someone might question the presence of nuclear weapons in his nation. Defense Minister Ehud Barak affirmed that his nation would not be pressured into signing any Non-Proliferation Treaty because of —- actually, it is not clear why Israel won’t be “pressured” or why it will not sign. President Obama made clear he expected all nations, including Israel, to sign because “becoming part of NPT is important.”

Every so often one wonders how decisions are made in Israel. Everyone knows Israel HAS nuclear weapons, but the government refuses to acknowledge their presence. There is a logic in denying what everyone knows you have, perhaps, the Israel government can explain it.

Has anyone in Israel heard the expression–the truth shall make ye free?