Israeli Jihadists Strike At Palestinian Drivers

The Israeli government maintains accurate records of attacks by Palestinians on their citizens but for some reason attacks by Israelis on Palestinians is not always recorded. Palestinian drivers were proceeding on their journey when suddenly they were attacked by stone throwing West Bank settlers who believe God has ordained they must remain in the area regardless of the cost to themselves or other humans. Medics said two Palestinians were taken to the hospital as a result of stoning, and the culprits fled into their settlements where they can declaim and denounce any effort to achieve peace with the terrorist Palestinians.

Settlers have warned the netanyahu government they will not peacefully accept any form of destruction of their homes because it is stated in the Torah that Israelis have a right to build houses anywhere in the area now known as Palestine. Naturally, with such attitudes it makes impossible any peaceful settlement with Palestinians.

We hope the Israel government releases figures on attacks by settlers on innocent Palestinians.