Israeli Policy Failing In Middle East

The government of Prime  Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a decision years ago to proceed with extending the boundaries of Israel and placing interests of ideology and West Bank settlers as the basis for foreign policy. The once solid relations with Turkey have gone by the way side due to Israel refusal to admit mistakes and now anti-Israel sentiment is growing in Egypt. A month ago, terrorists killed 8 Israeli civilians which led to an Israeli respond that led to the deaths of several Egyptians.

A  few thousand Egyptians broke into the Israel Embassy and seized hundreds of documents. President Obama hurriedly contacted Egyptian leaders and they sent troops to defend the building. However the real story is why another once friendly Muslim nation now has nothing but contempt for the Israel government. Neither Palestinians,nor  Turks nor Egyptians are blameless in latest episodes of violence against Israel. However, the basic goal of foreign policy is to defend national interests.