Israeli Youth Next Generation Of Bigots

To be a Jew in history was to be a person dedicated to the proposition that until all humans had equal rights, Jews would never have such rights. A recent poll of Israeli youth reveals disturbing findings regarding student attitudes toward social justice. Although 64% admitted that Israeli Arabs do not enjoy equal rights in a supposed democratic society, 59% said that was perfectly OK with them. They apparently do not regard the fact people in their society lack equal rights as a matter of concern. But, the survey indicates even more frightening attitudes since one third do not want an Arab student in their class! When pressed about their ideas regarding serving in the armed forces a large number do not regard it as their duty to be part of the army. Results reveal a narcissistic attitude among too many Israeli young people. Life revolves around their little world of “I” and most have no interest or desire to help other humans.

Perhaps, it is time for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israel leaders to grasp the implication of fostering hate toward Palestinians. Young people constantly hear from religious and political leaders that Arabs can not be trusted. Is it surprising they grow up to hate rather than to trust?

The attitudes Israel youth display is exactly the same attitude Christians had concerning Jews in their lives.