Israelis Have Lost Sense Of Reason!

The recent election in Israel reveals that a significant portion of the Israeli population has allowed anger and fear to warp their sense of reality. In a sense, Israelis resemble Americans who allowed the Bush politics of fear and hate to take over the nation’s foreign policy which led to the disasters in Iraq and Afghanistan. Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, who heads Kadima, is attempting to organize a coalition government together with Likud and Labor which might offer the best opportunity to have a leadership able to engage in serious discussions with Palestinian and Arab leaders. But, Likud head, Benjamin Netanyahu continues to create a coalition that includes the hot headed Avigdor Lieberman whose bombastic words about killing Palestinians will not serve to work for peace.

Many American Jewish leaders are disheartened by the current political impasse in Israel. Daniel Kurtzer, former American ambassador to Israel made clear the presence of Lieberman in any government will make peace virtually impossible. “If on the one hand, Israel expect the discourse from Arab countries to be within reasonable bounds, it should also expect that its own politicians be within bounds, and Lieberman’s hasn’t been within bounds.”

Wake up to reality, Israelis.