Israelis–Obama Is The Best Friend You Have!

I am frequently shocked by the inability of Israelis to grasp the meaning of having a friend in another society. Latest polls indicate only about 4% of Israelis believe Obama is pro-Israel and 51% think he is more pro-Palestine than Israel. I assume this means Israelis prefer the administration of George Bush. Well, let’s look at the FACTS.!

1. Prior to Bush, Israel had Iran as a major enemy. Thanks to Bush, Iran’s major enemy, Iraq was wiped out which provided Iran an opportunity to be more receptive to encouraging violence in the Middle East.
2. Prior to Bush, Osama bin Laden was a minor figure and there was no central place where those seeking violence could gather. Along came the Iraq war, and good old Bush created more terrorists than had ever existed in the Middle East.
3. It was the ineptness of Bush which allowed the Taliban to regroup and become a center for terrorists to practice their skills at killing.

Which Israelis believe their nation was safer under Bush than before he took office?

Barack Obama cares about Israel and knows it must have peace in the Middle East. This can only be achieved through negotiation and compromise. The West Bank settlements violate international law and no American president can support actions which go against the UN charter. Israelis created the mess that is known as the West Bank. Obama is attempting to persuade an Israel government to engage in compromise. Negotiations will result in major changes in who settles in the West Bank, but through compromise SOME SETTLEMENTS could be retained. That is the goal of Obama. That is NOT anti-Israel. That goal is aimed at securing peace in the Middle East, establishing Israel-Arab economic, social, and political relations. How can such goals be construed as “anti-Israel?”

It is time for Israelis to remember they are Jews. We Jews historically have been at the forefront of seeking social justice FOR ALL PEOPLE, INCLUDING MUSLIMS! Get out of the cellar of ignorance and join with Muslims who seek peace unless you believe individuals like Avigdor Lieberman represent the best in Jewish values of social justice.