Israel’s Policy Of Isolation Destroys Its Image

Over the past several years there increasingly is evidence both the government and people of Israel have lost concern that the remainder of the world does not agree with its policies in the Middle East. The entire nation has retreated into a cone of silence in which the same ideas are circulated as the only ones worthy of consideration in order to achieve peace. Perennial views are that Israel is always correct, no Palestinians can be trusted, “we have tried to negotiate and it failed, and it is much nicer living in a cave that is separated from the world outside. No doubt, this is comforting and peaceful, but hardly the manner in which a society should interact with the world.

The British Jewish Chronicle blasted Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who ignored the British people on a recent trip. “The truth is that for all they moan about coverage of the Middle East, they don’t actually care. They don’t care if the Brits wind up thinking they are warmongers. They don’t care if they are losing the PR war. And they don’t care if those of us who do care are left fuming at their refusal to do anything to help us counter Israel’s appalling image.”

Unfortunately, this attitude is slowly but surely resulting in loss of confidence among Americans that Israel has any desire for peace in the Middle East.

Shakespeare expressed clearly the current Israel attitude toward problems in the world: “the fault lies not in the stars but in yourselves.” Israel has created the current media anti-Israel attitude.