Issue Of Day

We live in times of economic crisis in which people struggle to earn enough to live a decent life. We live in times when there is violence in the world, when one can walk down the street and encounter a bomb that ends life. We live in times when war and strife dominate the lives of people. So, what then is the great issue of life for people in Croatia? Naturally, it is who can get married. A conservative group in the Catholic nation of Croatia has decided the most important issue facing people is the definition of marriage. A vote will be held to add to the nation’s Constitution a definition that makes clear marriage “is a union between a man and a woman.” This will void a proposal by the government which allows those of the same sex to become “life partners.” It is estimated about 68% will vote for “man and woman” and 27% will oppose these words.

Frankly, who the hell cares? This endless clamor to define marriage has become boring. The issues confronting Croatia are related to work, to a decent standard of living, and to economic progress. It is time to move on.