ISSUE OF THE DAY–Minarets In Switzerland!

The world is confronting a vast economic crisis, there are droughts in Africa and India, terrorists are killing innocent people, but the people of Switzerland have identified the really important issue the world must solve– should a Muslim mosque contain minarets? A referendum on this critical issue was submitted to the people of Switzerland and they voted by a 57.5% majority to allow the construction of new minarets. The government was shocked by the vote which they believe violates the nation’s constitution that protects freedom of religion. There are also fears it will impact tourism and trade with Muslim nations.

On the other hand, the vote indicates there are people in Switzerland who spend their nights and days worrying about minarets. They see minarets in their sleep, they believe terrorists hide behind or in minarets and banning their construction will allow the people of Switzerland to sleep in peace.

Oh well, I will spend my time worrying about the economic crisis and unemployment. I’m weird that way.