It’s Them Illegal Immigrants We Must Fear!

James Pinkerton in his latest idiotic column claims the Ft. Dix plot proves illegal immigrants are the main source of terrorism in America. Listen to the man’s rant: “The point is, if we don’t know who’s here—and what ideas and equipment they might have brought with them – we can’t begin to defend ourselves.” Mr. Pinkerton is worried about “Muslims coming to America from radicalizing war zones.” You see, all those Muslims fleeing chaos created in Iraq by our bumbling president are coming here to blow up buildings, and even worse, to spread radical ideas.

Perhaps Pinkerton has a point. Think about it. All those thousands of Mexicans wandering through deserts to reach the American border and carrying with them weapons of mass destruction. The only thing that bothers me about the Pinkerton thesis is that we now have at least 7,000,000 illegal Mexican immigrants and so far no one has uncovered a single case of terrorism among them. You have to hand it to the Mexican illegals, they are very, very clever people. They refuse to divulge the nature of planned diabolical plots of terrorism. If I was Pinkerton I’d stay away from those hard-working people swinging shovels and such because you never know, the shovel might actually be a secret bazooka that can be used to shoot down airplanes.

There is one thing that continues bothering me, Mr. Pinkerton. The only successful Muslim terrorists came here legally and most came from Saudi Arabia. Not a single one was born or raised in America. Perhaps Mr. Pinkerton would like to ban any foreign students from attending our colleges. But then again, the lunatic at Virginia Tech was really raised in America.

Mr. Pinkerton urges presidential candidates to wave the “terrorist flag” in the coming election and scare the hell out of voters by warning of horrible things that will happen if we allowed in illegal immigrants. Now, for confession time. My favorite uncle was an illegal immigrant from Germany who arrived after World War I when there was extensive hysteria about Germans, particularly those like my uncle who fought in the German army. A few years later the immigration police caught up with him. One of the agents looked around the apartment and said to my uncle, “Mr. Zuckerman, you have a job, you work hard, and have nice children. We are just going to forget about this. One day, apply for citizenship. Goodbye.” I will always believe that unknown immigration agent was more of an American than all the Pinkertons put together.

We on this website extend a hearty welcome to all Mexican and Muslim immigrants to this nation. We believe in your decency as humans, your desire to be productive family members and citizens of this nation. We apologize for nuts like Pinkerton who spew out hatred toward those who truly seek to become part of the American fabric.
Information from Newsday, May 10, 2007