It is Israel, Not Jewish Israel!!

I am an American citizen, not a Christian or Jewish or Muslim American citizen. Jews represent about 2% of the American population, they represent less than 1% of the French population. Who doubts that the people of Israel would be screaming “anti-Semitism” if the US demanded that Jews take an oath of allegiance to a “Christian” America or that France insisted an oath of allegiance to a “Christian” France? The religious right in Israel seeks an amendment to the citizenship law which requires taking an oath of allegiance to a “Jewish Democratic State” Heck, I’m Jewish and I would consider such an oath to be unethical and in violation of my democratic rights. I also would object to the proposal that citizens must “respect laws of the state.” I do not respect many American laws passed under the Bush administration and work hard to end them. Under American law I have the right to violate a law that I consider unjust and take my case to the Supreme Court. Citizens of Israel should have similar rights.

Cabinet Minister Dan Meridor objects to the new proposal on citizenship. “Why do we need the word ‘jewish’ in it–to show the Arab citizens that i doesn’t belong to them?” Proponents of the new citizenship law argue it will make difficult recruiting new members of terrorist groups. There is not doubt in the mind of anyone with the slightest degree of intelligence that such a law stimulates recruitment of terrorists.

The mystery of my life is why Jews who suffered incredible persecution for over two thousand years now seek to impose similar persecution on those who are minorities in their land?

  • Matt

    I’m not fond of the loyalty oath, period. But, still, I think you’re making quite a mistake in comparing Israel to the US. Kind of like comparing Howard University to Harvard and then saying Howard is racist because it caters to Black students.