It Is Time To Leave Afghanistan

Anyone who has performed on the stage of life realizes there arrives a moment when one must depart and allow the audience to go home. Those who linger for more applause eventually realize the audience seeks to retire from the theater and retire to their homes. President Hamid Karzai simply will not depart with grace and care for his people. After a dozen years of violence, he has yet to come to grips that it was his performance, or, should one say, his lack of leadership, his corruption, that hampered his nation to defeat the Taliban. Instead, he insists problems in Afghanistan were, and remain, bombing by NATO planes of the innocent. Yes, there have been terrible, no, horrible, incidents in which innocent Afghans have died due to actions of American and NATO forces. But, an Afghan army in which at least 15% each year throw off their uniforms and head home in disgust at the ineffective leaders under whom they serve is a major reason for the survival of the Taliban.

Karzai refuses to sign the Bilateral Security Agreement(BSA) with the United States until the United States agrees to engage in peace talks with the Taliban. But, last year when American officials made contact with the Taliban, Karzai denounced this effort!! But, now, he demands, “in exchange for this agreement(meeting with Taliban) we want peace for the people of Afghanistan. Otherwise, it is better for them to leave.”

It is Hamid Karzai and his crooked buddies, including brothers in corruption who are responsible for the rise of the Taliban. It is they who must depart.