It Is Your Fault, Not Mine!

President Hamid Karzai is a man who is ready to fight for his nation provided the fight includes sufficient funds for himself and associates. Man close to the president have been looting the people of Afghanistan for years. Corruption is simply another word for being a member of the Afghanistan government. He leads an army with a desertion rate that is close to 25%. Are problems in creating a modern democratic society at all related to Karzai? Of course not. He spent years blaming the American government and NATO soldiers for their failures to avoid killing civilians. There was much validity to his arguments, but failure to create a viable Afghan army was also responsible for civilian deaths.

Now, the president has uncovered a new source of blame–the Aghan army! “It’s not forgivable. Our Afghan people are not safe  in their own houses because of Afghan troop treatment. Why should I blame foreigners?” Of course, he heads the Afghan army–doesn’t a tiny bit of fault lie with his failures of leadership?