Italia Forever All White!

There is a growing sense among many Europeans that “foreigners” are entering their  fair land and causing changes that threaten the existence of “white Europe.” Gianluca Casseri was born in a small Italian village, came to the big city and met men and women who spoke of the loss of fair Italy to dark skinned people. A few days ago, he double parked his Volkswagen in a Florence street, walked over to some street vendors attempting to sell hand-bags, took out his Smith & Wesson revolver, and shot dead two men from  Senegal–Samb Modfou and Dip Mor. Casseri was soon arrested, but he has now grown into a symbol of heroism, personified.

A support group on Facebook, “Gianluca Died For Us” has attracted over 6,000 people. For right wing extremists he has become the man of the hour. A man willing to shoot down defenseless enemies is now a man who stands tall for European civilization. A new group, Casa Pound, named after the American fascist poet, Ezra Pound, who regarded Benito Mussolini as the then hero of European civilization, is extolling Casseri.

Europeans  seventy years ago obtained an experience in  Fascism and Nazism that apparently has not yet been learned by young Italians. Kill two innocent humans can lead to killing forty million innocent ones.