Italian Gypsies Being Evicted In Crackdown

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi got elected on his platform of cracking down on crime, and to many Italians that is synonymous with cracking down on Gypsies. A recent order in Rome caused 25 Gypsy families to find themselves placed in a field just outside the city limits of Rome even though Rome’s police chief opposed the order. They were hounded out by police using dogs against the families including women and children. Alessandro, commented: “We work for a living but in a couple of hours everything we had created, relationships we had built with locals over the decades was wiped out.” Most of the 150,000 Gypsies currently in Italy are working people, but prejudice stirred up by right wing haters has destroyed the lives of these innocent inhabitants of Italy.

In Naples, a Gypsy camp was firebombed and throughout the country angry cries of hatred echo against the Gypsy. In Rome, those supporting Gypsy rights marched through the streets including Holocaust survivors. Some Gypsies marched wearing concentration camp uniforms withe the letter “Z” on their chest to signify there were a Gypsy.

The 25 Gypsies described previously are now in a field next to Tor Vrgata University. The Rector of the university has but one question: “When will they be evicted?”

Ironically, all the complaints about Gypsies being lazy or criminal are the same words of hatred uttered against Italian Americans by hate mongers.