Italian Tales Of Woe

At some point during the day I am bored and turn to Fox News for a good laugh. All too often these cute blond women on Fox News confront me with a serious look on their perky faces with tales of woe being faced by billionaires. I mean, did you know if this Commie Socialist Barack Obama has his way, a millionaire in America might only collect $800,000 on his million buck salary instead of the $830.000 he deserves for under-paying his employees? Well, Prime Minister Silvio Berlkusconi has a problem. After he was caught having relations with several women who were either not his wife or daughters the old lady filed for divorce. Now she wants about $5 million per month and the use of a few villas in exchange for signing the divorce settlement. Her demands are not fair. I have formed the League of Loyal Followers of Billionaires whose goal is preserving the wealth of those with money. We LLFB adherents oppose making billionaires pay any tax. Look, I listen to Glen Beck and Rush and Sarah Palin and they make clear the more money made by wealthy people the more I will receive. Let me explain how wealthy people function. They do not wish money for money’s sake. They wish to make money in order to help all Americans become wealthy. That is what free enterprise is all about.

I am with Silvio. He saw some gorgeous women, he has the dough so what is wrong with him sharing his money with gorgeous gals? I suspect there is more fun for a millionaire sharing his loot with good looking folk than people like me who are not much to look at. Send your letter of protest about the unfair demands of Veronica Lario. Why doesn’t she find a nice young man and give him some money?