Italy Cracks Down On Roma Population

The government of Premier Silvio Berlusconi is pursuing its plan to fingerprint each and every Roma living in Italy as part of his program to end crime. Rome’s city officials and the Red Cross began a census of the city’s Roma population, but would not participate in any fingerprinting of the people. Red Cross personnel are handling the Rome census in order to reassure Romas they are not being targeted for any police action. Rome Prefect Carlo Mosca, the government’s top security official for the city, says he is skeptical of mass fingerprinting. he assured the press Gypsies will not be fingerprinted unless thee is suspicion they may have committed a crime. “When there is suspicion of a crime… fingerprints can be taken as for any Italian.” However, other cities like Naples have been more aggressive and all Gypsies are being fingerprinted.

Among the nations of the world, Italy has long endured the legacy of its Mafia heritage which is undoubtedly alive and well not only in Sicily but in other parts of the nation. Mafia leaders live in the open and are known to local police. Will the police initiate a fingerprint campaign for all members of the Mafia?