Italy Faces A World Without Romanians!

The last Italian election witnessed a dramatic victory for those who want to get rid of immigrants who they claim are the cause of crime in the nation. The coalition government of Silvio Berlusconi promised to crackdown on immigrants and supposedly replace them with good Italian workers. Unfortunately, after the rhetoric, the nation awoke to the reality that immigrants constitute an important component of the workforce. It appears the hundreds of thousands of those “unwanted immigrants” clean Italian middle class houses, they pick up the garbage and care for children while mom and pop are out making money to afford a nice lifestyle. It is estimated in Rome alone, about 100,000 foreigners care for the old and disabled and are most probably in Italy without proper credentials.

It is estimated there are about 3.5 million immigrants in a nation of 58 million people. The largest contingent of immigrants are Romanians and they tend to be the target of most anger because it is alleged Romas are responsible for crime even though there are no accurate records as to the percent of crime caused by this group of immigrants.

The new coalition is now toning down its record as they realize it is easy to shout during an election to rid the nation of immigrants but difficult to carry out the threat when there are not enough native born Italians to pick up the work slack. Interior Minister Roberto Maroni, who probably shouted the loudest in denouncing immigrants, is now saying they will only jail newcomers and leave alone those already in Italy.