Italy Takes Stand Against Mafia

The Mafia has reigned in peace and security for centuries within the nation of Italy and government efforts to end this criminal element generally have not been successful. The American public has access to one TV program or one movie after another which deal with Mafia bosses and drug wars and the lives of the Sopranos, so it is not surprising the Italian people also become involved in the daily antics of this or that Mafia boss. An area in Naples has finally decided to take a firm stand against the Mafia. Local officials have  told TV reporters to go elsewhere to film their latest Mafia saga.

Council leader Angelo Pisani refuses to allow cameras to film episodes of a new series about the Mafia. “It is time to say enough of the exploitative use of Naples and this area in particular.” Great, once TV programs about the Mafia are banned it  means the end of the Mafia!