It’s All Greek To Me

It is unfortunate that poor Mitt Romney and his Wall Street friends do not live in Greece. At least its Constitution recognizes that job creators in the field of shipping are entitled to special tax breaks. Its laws at least recognize that doctors, lawyers, engineers and other such distinguished folk are not to be treated like ordinary folk. At a time when millions of Greeks are suffering from high unemployment, loss of their homes and savings, the wealthy of Greece can still afford this wonderful Mediterranean vacations and trips to America.

Greeks are in the streets while Greeks are receiving dividends from stocks or sending their millions to another country for safety. A new study reveals that undeclared income in  Greece is about $50 billion a year, and you can bet for certain that money  is not going into savings accounts of the ordinary Greek person.A Greek lawyer told a Der Speigel writer that his firm told the government it received $500 for a case while charging their German clients about $5,000.

It is all Greek to me how wealthy folk never pay the full price. Then again, I live in America where things are not that different.