It’s Blasphemy To Pass Blasphemy Law!

Indonesia’s Constitutional Court upheld the nation’s Blasphemy law by a vote of eight to one. The law makes it illegal to deviate from orthodox versions of state sanctioned faiths: Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholicism, Protestantism and Confucianism. The law outlaws heresy as well as blasphemy and makes criminal any individual who dares offer a different version of what the state sanctioned religions are supposed to state as the truth. A state official argued in a society which contains diverse faiths it is important to make clear what is the approved version of any particular faith. “We are very happy with the verdict,” said Sobri Lubiso, “this will bring peace of mind to the people.”

I guess this means if Jesus Christ were to appear and state his version of what is the nature of Christianity it is prison for the young man from Palestine.