It’s Fall, Oh To Be In North Korea!

Ah, autumn leaves are on the ground, people are busy sweeping up any leaf because to allow a single blade to show would be an insult to our Beloved Leader whose face gazes out with arms outstretched to all the shivering masses. Walk down a street and see beautiful young women dressed in gorgeous clothes, all given by  our Beloved Leader in order to show the world there are beautiful women in North Korea. See the new housing development which looks like something out of the Bronx in 1953? Please do NOT see men and women selling clothes or anything they can get their hands on. Just remember, winter means no grass to eat.

OK, so the average person consumes a bountiful 2,150 daily calories. That means North Koreans will never suffer from obesity as do 30% of Americans. Our Beloved Leader wants us trim and healthy and wants an end to diabetes. OK, so the Beloved Leader spend 60% of our GDP on Defense, for some reason the Beloved Leader is not loved around the world.

I wonder if they make porno flics in North Korea.