It’s Florida Time In New Guinea

Republicans have an amazing capacity to identify issues which are not of any consequence and transform them into life or death conflicts for the soul of America. The practice of corruption in voting is a definite non-issue in America even while Republicans demand removing names  from voting lists. Of course, the object of their objections is fear that some people actually would vote for Barack Obama.

At least folks in Papua New Guinea can openly deal with corruption on voting. at least twenty are dead during the current electoral campaign. Yesterday, twenty were killed on their way to vote. Frankly, it is about time people had to place an “R” or a “D” next to their names on the voting register so we would not make any mistakes and remove the name of a God-fearing-Republicas, and make certain we  are getting rid of  Communist Democrats.

Now, about this idea of hacking to death people headed to vote for the wrong candidate??