It’s Gay To Deny Gay Rights

The government of Australia provides financial support to many churches including assistance in areas such as the adoption of children, but these groups also get a waiver of accepting the principle of gay rights. For example, churches are provided opportunities to develop employment services and other social assistance programs, but in so doing they are not bound by laws that protect the rights of gays and lesbians. It is one thing to allow a church to decide if a person can become a priest, it is another thing if the church receives government funding for adoption of children and then refuses to allow a gay couple to adopt a child. A church has the right to decide its policies on internal factors such as membership or leadership, but if it solicits money from the government, it is necessary to accept societal requirements dealing with the rights of individuals.

Of course, there is something strange about churches seeking help from the government. Why not simply utter a few extra prayers to God. Of course, that assumes God agrees with the idea He came upon the Earth only for straight folk.