Melissa Bachman is a brave young woman who is ready to take on one and all in her quest to prove that she is as tough as any male chauvinist. She ventured into the wilds of Africa with her weapons of war seeking to encounter some well armed lion with teeth of white. Melissa is one brave women, unafraid of lions or tigers or whomever is out there in the dark African nights. She produces TV programs about hunting and stalking and all those brave things those with weapons of war do in the quest to prove bravery in action. She posted a photo on her Facebook and Twitter accounts of the heroic woman with a huge smile as she kneeled beside the dead body of a lion. “Incredible day in South Africa” claimed the self styled “hardcore Huntress. ” She boasted that she had “stalked inside 60 yards on this beautiful male lion.”

Within twenty four hours thousands of other hunters were stalking this woman of bravery for attacking and killing an innocent lion who was not bothering anyone. Down came her Facebook, down came her twitter account and down came Melissa who has been told to stay out of South Africa. I wonder is there is any connection from this “Bachman” with the other one from Minnesota?? They both are brave women who will readily prove to the world they are idiots in action.