It’s Me, Not You, Says Obama

President Barack Obama for two years has been repeatedly told by experts and writers of his failure to address issues such as jobs, but he preferred to sit in the White House with Larry Summers and Tim Geithner where they discussed the great success of their stimulus package. He now admits failure to inform the American people of progress in what was done, as well as admit he failed to address the job issue. “And, as president, I take responsibility for that.” In other words, he sat in the bubble White House and ignored advice from those who disagreed with him. Gary Wills, the historian, was invited to meet with the president and told him to get out of Afghanistan. He was never again invited to talk with Obama.

There were to basic mistakes made by Barack Obama. First, he went for a major health care package rather than jobs. Did he ever understand giving me health care while I am unemployed means I could not pay the premium for a health care plan! Second, his successful actions were NEVER clearly explained to the American people. He still constantly claims people “did not understand.” Well, if you are the president isn’t it your responsibility to enable them to understand? Who else should do this? Oh, it was done, by FOX NEWS!

Barack Obama has behaved as the “smartest kid in the class” who believes others have nothing to offer. How about sitting down with economists like Paul Krugman and getting a different slant than what is provided by Tim and Larry?