It’s Monday, Get A Bomb Ready

It is Monday, this is Iraq, so what else can we do but do a little blasting away in order to make our lives happier? As we all recall, prior to the arrival of American troops in Iraq, that nation was ruled by a tyrant named, Saddam Hussein. Saddam and his son roamed the streets of Baghdad picking up girls to rape or they picked up men who somehow made the wrong remark about our glorious leader and allowed him to enjoy some torture. Well, the Americans defeated the bad guys and Dick and Don and George retired to gobs of money and peace and calm. Alas, the people of Iraq, after the war concluded, have now been able to enjoy the benefits of peace. Another day, another series of suicide bombers exploding along with other bombs. Since this is Monday, it is a day reserved for Shiites and they got blown up. Bombs ripped through a funeral procession and 43 new dead bodies were sent to the funeral parlor.

These days in Iraq if one goes to church, has a funeral or does anything which produces large numbers of people the end result will be a bombing. I believe the growth profession in Iraq lies in the funeral parlor business. Does anyone have any idea why people are being killed? Or, have the people of Iraq reached the stage at which we take turns killing one another??