It’s Not Jesus, It’s Levi Johnston!

Levi Johnston gained his fifteen minutes of fame by impregnating the daughter of Sarah Palin, and then displaying displeasure with mom and his girl friend by walking out on the TV show that is known as Sarah Palin running for any public office. After getting back together with daughter Bristol Palin, she became upset for some reason because her intended husband had impregnated another girl. Fifteen minutes of fame is just not enough for Levi and he has decided that if a nitwit like Sarah Palin can run for public office why can’t a similar ignorant person like himself take a shot. He announced his intention to run for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. As he put it, if you live in a town and don’t like what’s happening, “what do you do? You try to change things.” After all, his potential mother-in-law is not the brightest person on the block, so why not take a shot?

His manager, Tank Jones, responded to criticism by pointing out, “people questioned Jesus Christ” so why bother if people question Levi Johnston. Then again, the idiots who follow Sarah Palin believe she is the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Oh, I just received word from the man upstairs. Jesus said it was bad enough when humans thought Sarah Palin was a true Christian, but, Levi Johnston? Anyway, he just wept.