It’s Not Me, It’s Them Jews!

There are societies such as the wonderful nation of Romania which has spent hundreds of years working on the thesis that if something their nation goes wrong, just pick out the nearest Jew and blame it on him. The record of Romania during the Holocaust simTV channel decided to devote some time playing folk music. It is Christmas time and what else to present on TV but some wonderful traditional Xmas carols. What else but a pleasant song about that wonderful time when the “jidovi”(Jew) wound up (only in the chimney as smoke, this is what the jidov is good for.” I do not believe the intention of this “folk carol” was to sing praise of the Jidov folk. For many Romanians the 1940s were the good times when the “jidov” finally got the treatment they deserved.

The State TV authority is upset they are being blamed for being anti-semitic. They asked a cultural center to select appropriate Xmas carols and it was not their responsibility to tell cultural centers what to sing. Of course, it was rather interesting how so few Romanians protested the playing of this song. As always, it is not we Romanians who are at fault, it is them Jews for being Jews!