It’s Not Us, It’s Them, Argues Israel Leader!

The most important quality of effective leadership is having those in positions of authority who are able to analytically examine decisions and identify both strengths and weaknesses. Military Intelligence Chief Amos Yadlin, said Israel has been successful in curbing violence, and, in so doing has caused he world to turn against it. “The paradox of he current situation is that one of the primary sources that has led to the discussion on Israel’s legitimacy is precisely its success against terror.” He argues the absence of terror attacks has made it easier for international organizations to accept claims against Israel’s security decisions.” Yadlin is upset because the Palestinian Authority is urging pressure on Israel to engage in peace negotiations.

Where to begin with this confused, ignorant explanation of the past or present? For the first time since 1948, Arab and Palestinian leaders HAVE ACCEPTED THE LEGITIMACY OF THE ISRAEL STATE!! Where does Yadlin get evidence to the contrary? For over fifty years, Israel leaders have complained they could not get Palestinians to the bargaining table, and now Yadlin is arguing his nation is being forced to do what it has claimed for fifty years is its primary goal!!

He also blames Turkey for turning away from Israel, but there is no mention about the stupid invasion of Gaza which was the factor turning Turkey against Israel. When will Israel leaders emerge who can objectively discuss issues without immediately becoming defensive?