It’s Not Us-It’s You, Says Pak General!

Members of the Taliban who suffer defeats at the hands of US or NATO soldiers simply hop across the border and get refuge in a Pakistan camp. The notorious Haqqani militants who have carried out attacks in Kabul and elsewhere are supplied by the Pakistan secret service, the ISI, and protected against US attacks. But, to General AShfaq Pervez Kayani the real story of fighting in Afghanistan is complaints about Pakistan. He told a secret meeting of two parliament committees that “the real problem lies in Afghanistan, not in Pakistan.”

The Kayani thesis is simple–US and NATO forces are doing a poor job in Afghanistan so they want to cite Pakistan as the source of their own failures. The general made clear to America that his nation was not Iraq and if US forces launched attacks on Pakistan soil there would be retribution.

Pakistan is a mess. It could turn away from the US and embrace China. But, China may not be willing to support a wrecked economy and it might be upset if Haqqani militants go across the border and aid Muslim militants in China. Perhaps, it is time to call the Pakistan bluff.