It’s Not Us, It’s You, Says US To Canada!

The American people consume a considerable amount of drugs which usually enters the nation form Mexico or Canada or elsewhere. The United States State Department once again gave a warning to another country to get their act together on the drug issue rather than looking inward and assuming responsibility for what its own citizens do about drugs. The new report charges, “Canada’s continued role as a source for ecstasy to US markets highlights the need for greater co-operation in tracking precursor chemical activity.” In other words, it is your fault that Americans use drugs. The Americans point out that Canada has been experimenting with programs to work with drug addicts which entail supervised injections.

Americans apparently want to use drugs. How about the United States trying an experiment in which drugs are legalized and supervised by the government? Is the problem we Americans and our desires or is the problem that other nations supply us with what we want to do?