It’s Not Us!

Riots in Turkey, demonstrations in Brazil, angry young people, furious old people, the only common factor is that some folks are tired of being ruled by men and women who have grown accustomed to power and forgotten the purpose of any government is meeting the needs of ALL people, not just those who support the existing one. Brazilians are angry at the rise in transportation costs and expenditure of  billions to prepare for an Olympic even while millions lack basic income and schools go without necessary funding. In  Turkey, thousands are tired of the arrogant behavior of Prime Minister Recep Erdogan who suffers from the malady of being in power to long. Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota claims his nation’s protests “have been peaceful” unlike violent ones in Turkey.

That is one way to describe riots. Peaceful ones and violent ones. Ironically, in both societies leaders HAVE been engaged in confronting poverty, but when one begains far behind, proceeding is a relative feeling. Poverty has been reduced but if the price is arrogance and disregard for human rights, the end result is a feeling of helplessness and a desire for action.