It’s Official-Global Warming Here!

I inhabit the state of Missouri, USA, a place in which 35% of the people believe the world was created about ten thousand years ago. About that time the Flintstones were riding dinosaurs and enjoying a gay old time. The journal Environmental Research Letters just released a study which notes that 97.1% of scientific journals agree there is climate change caused by human activity. The work of some 29,000 scientists who have published over 4,000 papers concludes there is global warming that results from the abuse of our planet by its human inhabitants. However, according to Pew study, only 42% of Americans agree with these egghead scientists.

I checked with my local minister, Dr. John Smith, note that he is in possesson  of the title, Dr. He obtained this degree from South Central Idaho University, an important center of academic  study. Dr. Smith is certain the world began 10,000 years ago and global warming is simply a liberal attempt to scare people. Who would you believe-4,000 scientists or Dr. Smith??