It’s Official–We Have Left Iraq!

Republicans can blast the president for being incompetent, but they have to admit that he made a promise to leave Iraq and it is being fulfilled. Of course, Michele and Rick and Rick and Newt and Mitt are angry because he left without seeking their permission. They have nothing against leaving Iraq unless it is done by some damn Democratic president. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta made it official by noting we are leaving, and he did emphasize the war “has not been in vain.” Tell that to the dead and wounded Americans.

Of course, the 400,000 Iraqi Christians who fled to avoid being persecuted by Muslim fanatics might not completely agree about the “vain” part. Of course, the thousands of dead Iraqis don’t quite feel grateful nor do inhabitants of  the wrecked businesses and homes offer congratulations to America.

I wonder what Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld are thinking today. For some reason, they were not invited to the departing party.