It’s OK To Convert To Muslim Religion

Most fundamentalist Muslim groups are strong supporters of the right to convert from your existing religion and adopt another. Of course, when saying this it is assumed the religion you seek is Muslim and the religion you forsake is Christianity or being a Hindu or whatever.  Ms. Rinkel Kuman, a Hindu, fell in love with a nice Muslim boy. They had numerous Facebook discussions and finally realized love was the center of their lives. She decided to leave the Hindu religion and become a Muslim. Ms. Kuman left her home and went to live with relatives of her new husband.

Frankly, it i s none of my business what is your religion or whether a voice from up on high urged abandoning one religious system for another. That is your choice. But, it is somewhat hypocritical for those who refuse to allow any of their religion to leave and adopt another religion to shout for freedom of choice for Ms.Kuman. If Muslims believe in the right to change–as I do–then that right is one possessed by every Muslim.