It’s OK To Steal Valor

The Supreme Court recently declared unconstitutional the 2006 Stolen Valor Act which makes it a criminal offense to claim one is a hero who won medals. The care arose when California politician Xavier Alvarez told his colleagues about heroism in action which resulted in his being awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. The Court ruled anyone in this nation is allowed to be a liar and jerk. Jack Jacobs who won a real Medal of Honor said it clearly: “I’m a free speech guy.”

We wonder if the following are legal examples of free speech:

1.  The ongoing saga of Republicans like Donald, the hair, Trump charing that President is a Muslim who was born in Africa. Shouldn’t  the penalty for this lie be six months wandering the jungles of Kenya?

2. Sarah Palin roared about formation of “death panels” under the Affordable Care Act. How about Sarah serving on a panel that decides if the  free enterprise hospital gets higher profits or does the  guy who is going to die just die?