It’s Over In Syria

Reality is becoming ever clear in Syria as forces of President Bashar al-Assad drive insurgents from their positions in a relentless war which has proved the failure of attempts to overthrow a tyrant. A year ago, many in the Middle East hailed the heroism of Syrians who went into the streets shouting cries of freedom. Turkey and most Arab nations backed these demands. Europeans were thrilled at the triumph in Libya and expected the same tactics would produce the same results in Syria. Alas, that has not  happened nor will it –in the immediate future.

Syrian insurgents have been driven from their strongholds and are fleeing across there border. Syria possessed a  much more powerful army than one led by Muammar Gaddafi. NATO lacked the means to impose an air control or to destroy Syrian air defenses. China and Russia blocked attempts to impose sanctions and Iran was ever ready to help Assad.

The success of groups like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and fundamentalists in Tunisia sent a message to Christians in Syria that if rebels won, their lives were endangered. The Arab Spring has  shown the world that democracy in too many Muslim nations translates into trampling the rights of minorities. Check the outflow of Christians from Iraq.

Assad has won and democracy has lost.