It’s Spring, It’s Time For War!

Ah, April showers are now behind us, and the flowers of May are beginning to bloom in the fields of Afghanistan–along with the poppies, that is. The Taliban announced to one and all that since it was spring, it was time for another offense. In the coming days they will be attacking military bases, convoys, and Afghan officials in order to welcome the season of the year in which we all enjoy fresh breezes and sunshine. Their message was clear about ultimate goals. “The war in our country will not come to an end unless and until foreign invading forces pull out of Afghanistan.” It is expected the new offense is another example of psychological warfare in which the Taliban seeks to establish themselves as a power in the land and achieve public support. NATO and American leaders insist the Taliban has been “broadly arrested” in their military operations. The announcement attempted to shift blame for civilian deaths onto US and NATO forces even though most of the 2,700 civilians who died were the result of Taliban shootings.

Of course, the Taliban now have an additional 480 troops since last week a tunnel was built under the Kandahar prison and these men escaped. We live in a fascinating world in which 480 prisoners can walk out of jail unnoticed by guards. These Taliban are tricky folk. OH well, more fighting, more deaths, more anger and more inability to see the light at the end of the tunnel.